• Akili

I don't live near a Black community

Many of my clients want to provide more racial mirrors for their children. One of the challenges TRA parents face with suburban/rural living is a lack of diversity in the neighborhoods, schools and local organizations. So, should you move? Contact the adoption agency?

I believe that depends on a few different factors. How will a move impact your family? If you are not able to move to a more diverse area, how much of an effort will you really make to keep your child connected to their community? While many parents say they want to make their child more comfortable, they tend to want to do what is simple and easy, and unfortunately choosing to raise a child from a different race will not be. So what can you do?

Consider what you DO live near...There may be a world of diversity right around the corner. Sometimes clients will be totally unaware about where Black communities are because they are typically not looking for them or they are turning a blind eye to them.

What can you do to create a community that celebrates your Black child, in your home, amongst your family?

  • Barbershop/Salon - take them to Black barbers or beauticians.

  • Sports activities - are there sports teams that have a diverse mix of students

  • Youth groups - Black sororities, fraternities and other social organizations have youth groups

  • Church/Spirituality - If they used to attend church that was predominantly Black maybe you can find a diverse church that everyone can attend.

  • Books/Magazines - Subscribe to or purchase books/magazines with Black characters/people

  • Television Shows - Be open to watching shows with a variety of themes and characters

  • Music - Allow your child to listen to Black versions of the music you listen to

  • Extracurricular activities - Playgroups, martial arts, music, dance - find the multicultural ones

  • Festivals - Yes there is Kwanzaa and MLK Day, but what other festivals or celebrations can you find?

  • Self-care products - purchase hair care products created for Black hair

  • Food choices - depending on the age of your child, they may have been used to eating culturally significant foods. On occasion take them to restaurants that serve these foods, or consider making them yourself.

Your city may have a Black directory (typically it's the main city). If you Google "African American Community, your city" you may be surprised at all the resources you find. Once you find something, take action, and check it out.



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