• Akili

Not colorblindness again...

What is it with this concept? Your eyes see color,unless you actually colorblind. This idea is a myth, so why do we keep acting as if it's the ideal?

If you have to be colorblind to accept who people are, what does that mean about how you judge others? Do you not see the color of my shirt, pants or shoes? What about my hair, or eye color? If I have characteristics that are different from yours, is it ok?

When I look at the ocean, there are many waves. Each wave is a bit different. The height, color or crest are never the same. Each one magnificent in its own uniqueness, but still different. However, they all come from the same ocean. They are all connected. Each of us has a set of fingerprints. The pattern on our fingers is different than that of anyone else, but we are all connected.

Why do you need to be colorblind? Here's a difficult thought to ponder...Is it because you believe that Black is bad, so you have to be blind to it in order to think of me in a positive light? Are you also blind to beauty, gender, or age? Why not? Those are also characteristics of our being. So what is it about me being Black, Brown, Red or Yellow that causes you such discomfort? Is it possible that because people of color have been oppressed and looked at as less than in this country you believe it's a problem for you to even mention one's race for fear that you will be labeled as a racist?

Now, I know that our history in this country is one where crimes have been pinned on Black people and lies have been told and supported by the "justice system". So, don't lie and say people did things that they didn't do. What Black people don't like is to be falsely accused. I would imagine no one would like that. However, if you don't get a fair trial to top it off, you would expect people to be a bit sensitive when race/color is mentioned? I digress.

Black adoptees with White parents often state that they feel a lack of connection with the Black community, and confusion around identity development. They don't know how to interact with Black people, or worse have a fear of Black folks based on what they've been taught about the shortcomings of this foreign group of people. How would it feel to look in the mirror and fear the reflection?

Instead, your goal is to teach them to love and embrace who and what they are. This means you have to love and embrace everything about them. This would also require you to love and embrace everything about yourself. Do you? If you are like most of us in a capitalistic society you are always striving for more. There is an illusion that you need more and need to be more, so how can you ever feel like you are enough? You can. You just have to be willing to question the story, notice the issues the story creates, and write a new one.



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